Best Electric Hand Planer Reviews – Top 5 Models In 2022

The electric planers of today are engineered to serve as multi-purpose workhorses that are durable and allow you to do everything from planting hardwood to fixing your furniture. 

The Best Electric Hand Planer for You

The ones we recommend on this page are the most durable and can withstand years of heavy usage. We carefully selected the most beginner-friendly choices that are ideal for aspiring professionals. You’ll be able to start learning and design your own unique pieces within hours. They are fairly inexpensive and as a beginner planer you’ll gain the experience necessary to fix things on your own or transition into a full-time job. The main difference in terms of varying prices is that the more expensive ones are better at planing wider/deeper hardwood.

The best way to know whether you should opt for the more expensive options is to consider your future plans. If planing is something you do all the time and you start to notice it’s becoming an obsession for you, you should opt for the more expensive options. If you want to attain a basic skill set/know-how about woodworking and rarely use your planer, the affordable starter options are better suited for you. You’ll be able to carve out the most beautiful wood finishes.

Quick Guide​

  • Limited Use – Go for a cheaper option like the WEN 6530, Porter-Cable PC60THP, or the Black & Decker 7698K
  • Daily Use or Hard Wood – Look for a more powerful and durable electric hand planer like the Dewalt DW680K or the Makita KP0810

5 Best Electric Hand Planers – Comparisons

WEN 6530  6 amp 17,0006 lbs
PORTER-CABLE PC60THP6 amp16,5008.8 lbs
Black & Decker 7698K5.2 amp16,50011.8 lbs
DEWALT DW680K7 amp15,0006.2 lbs
Makita KP08107.5 amp16,0007.3 lbs

Top 5 Best Electric Hand Planer Reviews

We carefully selected the following options based on years of experience and made it easy for you to choose the best electric planer for you based on your current budget and craft knowledge. Hand planers are here to stay because they provide the best hands-on wood processing experience. They are unmatched in terms of re-doing doors, shaping boards or strengthening out edges.

You’ll find the following options are loved by professional carpenters and they can all get you started as a beginner woodworker. All you have to do is plug them in and get started.

1. WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

Our first choice is the best affordable/low-end planer and it definitely takes the cake in terms of functional value for price. It features a 6 Amp motor which in simple terms translates to 34k cuts/minute. This paired with 16 positive depth spots make it capable of producing accurate scores with consistency. WEN’s 6530 is one of the highest rated and best selling electric planers because it’s robust, capable of handling hard wood surfaces and flattening out rough edges with similar accuracy to more expensive options. The practical punch it provides for the price is unbeatable.

Main Features

Despite the affordability the 6530 is engineered to be portable and it’s one of the most lightweight designs on the market. This means you’ll gain more control over the machine and it’s almost impossible to lose your grip/slip because you have a firm grip over the whole body. The small design effectively lowers fatigue and makes it usable for extended periods without overheating. The combined performance options, extremely low price tag, included accessories and durability make this the most cost-effective hand planer on the market.

You’ll notice it’s one of the best looking contemporary planers and WEN went as far as to include accessories in the form of a free dust bag. You can use this bag as a complimentary item to help you store away your wood shavings. It will help you organize your working space rather than having wood residue spilling all over the place.

The biggest advantage to the 6530 is that it’s the most light-weight option on our list. This makes it ideal for beginners. If you want to retain full control over movements, it’s the easiest one to work with. The affordable price tag means you can easily upgrade to more versatile solutions later down the line.

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2. PORTER-CABLE PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer

The Porter-Cable is a very straight-forward, easy to use planer that epitomizes contemporary planing functionality in a cost-effective package. Compared to similarly-sized planers it feels more comfortable offering a firmer grip and boasting a powerful 6 amp motor with 16,000 RPM. The Porter is versatile in terms of functionality and is ideal for everything from simple door planing to planing planks and flattening out edges. You can cut big pieces easily and it has the best dust extraction capability on our list. The ports meant for dust extraction are compatible with your vacuum and you can connect them to a hose using the adapter that is provided inside the package.

Main Features

  • ​Best dust extraction
  • 6 amp motor
  • 16,500 RPM
  • 3 year warranty

Adjusting for depth is incredibly easy on the Porter-Cable PC60THP because the cutter head takes under a second to adjust. You can use the knob on your front handle to change depth because there are 11 separate markings that click audibly once you’ve selected them and you can go all the way up to 5/64″. The clicking sound informs you when you’ve selected your ideal depth and you no longer have to guess the exact depth of the cuts before you get to making them.

The company also made the motor brushes replaceable which means that when they expire you can easily replace them and keep the planer instead of having to purchase a new one. The belt drive system is also replaceable. The PC60THP comes with excellent warranty. This is an ideal solution if you plan on purchasing a single planer and using it for the long term because you’ll only have to change individual parts and not the planer itself.\

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3. BLACK+DECKER 7698K 5.2

The Black & Decker 7698K is an amazing mid-range option. It’s not the cheapest and not the most expensive which makes it ideal for beginners. Who want to familiarize themselves with higher-end functionality without actually paying for it. The 7698K has a great reputation in the carpentry industry because it’s affordable but has an expensive build to it. This is one of the rare instances where a plastic build doesn’t feel cheap or fragile. It’s very beginner-friendly and doesn’t weigh a lot.

Main Features

  • ​5.2 Amp
  • 16,500 RPM
  • Free carrying case

The only notable downside is that that the dust collector bag takes a while to empty out. It comes with features such as the audible depth-adjustment clicking (similar to the more expensive Makita and Dewalt). It easily cuts through the toughest surfaces, leaving you with ideal finishes. The company included a free carrying case which is a major advantage because you don’t have to purchase it separately.

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4. DeWalt DW680K 7 Amp 3.25″ Planer

This is the second most expensive option on our list. The DW680K is more on the high-end – aimed at professionals with the expertise to match. DeWalt makes some of the most feature-rich planers on the market and DW680K provides cut depths of up to 3/32″. Which makes it ideal for getting a lot of work done quickly.

Watch your performance shoot up with a 7 amp motor at 15,000 RPM. Which guarantees smooth finishes all-around and makes it easy to cut through the most resilient wood. This is the most heavy-duty option on our list which provides the toughest grip and the most practical punch.

Main Features

  • 7 amp
  • 15,000
  • Excellent depth adjustment

It combines impeccable carbide blades with a lot of speed, efficiency and accurate calibration. Depth adjustment is also exceptional because the adjustment can lock in a certain cut depth thus you’ll never have to reset it while you’re working.

As a high-end electric planer, this is one of the best options for experienced professionals who want the ability to cut through wood faster and more efficiently. You can be working with the roughest wood and the machine will handle it with ease: a maximum 3/32″ cut means you’ll have the power to tackle the most demanding tasks.

You can easily interchange between multiple blades and the DW680K can take the largest ones when you need to do nuanced work such as framing. Calibration is the easiest on this machine because the depth settings are instantly locked in place which eliminates the need for repetitive calibration. This saves you time and allows you to put an emphasis on your work instead of worrying about the machine settings. It’s also the most durable and heavily-engineered. The DW680K is best suited as a primary workhorse planer for professionals.

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5. Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp 3.25″ Planer

The Makita KP0810 is a large-sized planer and one of our favorite high-end options because its overall feature set makes it one of the most competitive planers in the price range. It features a 7.5 AMP motor which is among the most powerful and gives it an edge over competing large-sized planers. Considering the size of this unit, it’s amazing that it packs a motor as powerful as that. It can not only plane with a depth of up to 5/32″ but do so at a speed of 16,000 RPM and the cutter head features two interchangeable blades.

For a planer of this size it is surprisingly lightweight and the biggest advantage it offers over more affordable planers is the rubber handle which protects your hands when you’re engaged in your planing. If you plan on working for extended periods this is an invaluable feature that provides the highest level of security as you’re not leaving anything up to chance. There are also numerous switches that allow you to lock it off and set your mind to rest.

Main Features

  • 7.5 amp
  • 16,000 RPM
  • Lightweight

The KP0810 is not only convenient because of the lightweight factor (weighing only 7 lbs) but the base is elevated which means your blades will never be damaged by accident and the wood you’re working on will remain in place. It has aluminum coating making it one of the most durable planers. It will keep your blades safe and save you money because you won’t have to replace them any time the near future.

If you had to choose one company blindly and use their products for the rest of your life, Makita should be your first option. The KP0810 is an impressive tool that is ideal for professionals who want to purchase a single planer that excels in numerous areas and provides them with all the features they need in a single package. It will allow you to carry out flawless planing work and create the smoothest surfaces while removal is done with minimal effort. They designed the chip dispenser in a way that you can simply move it to your left or right without having to discard it. The grip is exceptionally firm, protective and makes it easy to guide it in any direction. It also has the lengthiest cord of our 5 top planers and this is always a plus because it increases your range of movement.

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Some Information about Best Electric Hand Planer

Introduction To Woodworking

There are plenty of wood working tools that are designed to make your life easier and allow you to tune wood more efficiently. Depending on the art you’re trying to make or the tuning necessary at your job site, there are adequate tools that enable you to get the planing you need done faster. Woodworking is an old profession and the tools have advanced to such a point that even professional-grade options are available at an affordable price tag. Electric planers can help you smoothen out/piece together different wood pieces at a whim.

If you’re starting out as a hobbyist, we’re going to go over the best electric hand planers in the industry. To understand what a wood planer is and how it can serve you, we must look deeper into the nature of wood. Ask yourself – how do the boards at your local hardware store get so smooth? The answer is planing. Trees don’t grow in smooth pieces and they need the adequate processing. It all starts by cutting down the trees and lining them up in special drying facilities where the moisture can be dried out. The drying process naturally takes months but using modern processing factories we can now dry them out within days. After the wood is dried it can be taken for processing.

How We Process Wood

When wood is moisture-free it’s either sold in individual pieces to professional woodworkers or ran through industrial-grade planers. These industrial planers are more expensive and don’t offer nearly the same hands-on work experience that hand planers do. If you buy a simple board at your local hardware store, chances are it was made using industrial-grade planing. It’s worth noting that industrial planers are the most advanced and they are capable of turning the roughest trees into perfect 2 x 4 pieces.

The wood is then sold off to craftsmen and furniture/construction companies. People need different sized woods for different ventures and there are varying planers available which can be used for different applications. The most widely used and best-selling planers are electric planers because they offer a hands-on work experience and they are very effective at penetrating deep inside the wood surface. They are also affordable and a great investment even for households who rarely use them.


The electric planers you’ll find on this list will last you for years down the line and help you tackle the challenges of professional high-performance planing. They consistently receive high ratings and their manufacturers have a track record in producing exceptional planers.

If you want planers that make it easy for you to plane wood, ones that come equipped with numerous safety features and offer extensive warranties these are the most cost-effective solutions that offer the most best bang for your buck.

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